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another reason for a study break i had to take was versus’ colourful spring summer 2013 fashion show, musically accompanied by beth ditto. now, i have never been a huge fan of ditto’s due…

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an iphone with too many features

No doubt, the iPhone is a great device. I won’t use words like “incredible” because damn it, apple, it’s just a stupid phone! The reason why I got mine is not because apple’s douchey bragging on how innovative it is (it’s not… Again, it’s just a phone.). I just went for the looks. besides, I had an iPhone original and was really pleased with it.

However, when I buy a new device I, no matter what it is, I expect absolute obedience and flawlessness. That’s not too much to ask, is it? Whereas every other thing would have already been thrown across the room, I have been really patient with the fruity little device. no emotional outburst whatsoever even though it has delighted me with so many extra features (“it’s not a bug, it’s a feature!” - apple): iRetrophone which should be really nice for hipsters. Due to the innovative battery you get to enjoy the charming retro feeling of a wired phone at least once a day. (yeah, apple claims that the battery lasts for 200hrs. If you don’t use it).
Another nice thing is iRattle which I have mentioned before. The phone gives you an acoustic feedback whenever you touch it. Also it makes silent mode not so silent since it vibration creates an innovative new sound experience.
I couldn’t handle those extra features and had my phone replaced but since apple apparently really loves me so much, they provided me with an upgrade on those two features and even threw in some extras: iToast which lets your device heat up whenever you use it and of course iWiggly which makes the use of the home button an extra fun experience.

After telling myself how I should not be a b*tch about this for weeks I gave in to the urge of calling apple car and have that noisy hot thing replaced once more. I did not pay for all those extras so I don’t want them. Will I get a flawless device this time (apart from the awesome experience of being communicatively challenged without a phone for a few days)? We’ll see. Apple, please stop loving me and just give me the standard device.

vienna fashion night

when you live in a city where fashion is not quite as present as in other cities like, let’s say milano for example, you got to grab onto every little straw you can get. one of those being the vienna summer of fashion during the course of which the vienna fashion night took place yesterday. as i mentioned in my last post, there was a fashion show i was really looking forward to. et voilà, here’s how the big evening turned out:

the location was gorgeous as you can see on the pictures above. my view, however, was not. that’s the lesson i learned yesterday: even if you’re invited, always ask if there’s anything you have to do to get seats. i did not do that and therefor failed to get a ribbon that was obviously the magic item of the night to seperate the mob from the holy fashion folks.

well, i didn’t mind, i’m a big boy i can see everything anyways. the only problem is, i didn’t get to take any good pictures for you, dear readers of my blog. (see picture below, i really tried, it didn’t work out.)

am i very sad about this? not really because there wasn’t really anything new to be seen. the mind blowing start of the show was a guy wearing green underwear (wow!) and then there were some girls wearing questionable curtain like dresses strutting down the catwalk. as this was the first part of the show this must have been one of the talented local designers’ creations. see, the show had two parts, one of which had a concept that wasn’t really clear to me and then lena hoschek and versus versace.

as for the first part, i thought i had it figured out as the part where they show local labels and maybe young designers but it turned out that they just threw everything in there. mary katranzou, malene birger, ice watch and dolce and gabbana. it was the department stores that did the show and not the labels. kind of confusing but presumably they were just really desperate to get rid of their summer collections and wanted to increase their sales.

there were some nice really nice looks though. see that jellyfishy dress? :)

it was quite interesting that by the end of part one of the show the location got kind of empty. people left and when the lena hoschek/versus versace show started most of them were gone. too bad for them because that show was really good. the models had some problems with their shoes (a fact that turned our local fashionistas into real spitfires - whatever, it’s about the clothes not about the models or how they walk.) but overall i was really happy to see the beautiful (already familiar since it is the spring summer 2012 collection) designs of lena hoschek (who did what seemed like some sort of 50s/traditional costume clash) and christopher kane/donatella versace.

to conclude this very long post i have the final walkthrough of the versus part as a video for you guys. thanks to my iphone camera in super bad quality but hey, you could almost think i took that video with something as hip as instagram. yaaaayyy (i promise i’ll do a better job next time)

 versus final walkthrough

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